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Your avionics or electronics requirements either small or complex can count on our full attention. Repair, troubleshooting, installation and full panel upgrades are possible. Since our start in 2009 JP Avionics has heavily invested in test & measurement equipment and undergo on-going eduction. From European avionics shops, only JP Avionics received AEA Avionics Training Excellence award in 2014 and 2015.

We are committed to meet your needs. When existing equipment can not fur-full your needs we can design, test, certify and produce custom made avionics in-house, starting at a single piece. Where needed we can count on our network with quality specialist in a field of their own.
JP Avionics staff consist of:
Jesse Kluijfhout, EASA Part 66 B1/B2 engineer on most general aviation aircraft. Responsible for avionics upgrades, testing, calibration, hardware design, embedded software design.

Piet Ooms, EASA Part 66 B1 engineer with a extensive background in aircraft component maintenance. Responsible for hardware design, embedded-, computer-, tablet and phone- software design.

Our capabilities include:

  • Avionics ramp and bench testing:

    • HF COM (SSB)

    • VHF COM (AM/FM)

    • NAV (VOR, Localiser, glideslope)

    • SELCAL

    • ELT 121.5 MHz / 243 MHz / 406 MHz including Maritime EPIRB and PLB.

    • DME

    • Transponder (Mode A, C, S) including ADS-B

    • TAS and TCAS

    • GPS

  • Pitot static field and bench testing:

    • Airspeed Indicators

    • Vertical Speed Indicators

    • Altimeters

  • Software design:

    • Computer software (Windows including embedded versions)

    • Tablet or phone software (Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, 10 including embedded versions)

    • Embedded software (Microchip PIC)

  • EMC / ESD testing:

    • Pre compliance testing

  • Design using CAD software:

    • Custom electronics design. 3D data available.

    • Custom enclosures design. 3D data available.

  • Production using CAM:

    • PCB pick and place

    • CNC Routing, milling and turning

    • 3D printing in ABS and PLA

  • Calibration:

    • Low pressure sensors

    • Analogue radio equipment

    • DVM's

As a small company we can be far more flexible and give more focus to our customers. We are based at Dok 41 in Vlissingen, and at the Vliegwerk Holland hangars in Arnemuiden. However, we are flexible, and can perform most tasks on location as well.

JP Avionics is a proud member of Aircraft Electronics Association.

Customers of JP Avionics are located in the Orange countries.

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