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Capability expanded with climate chamber

JP Avionics further expands inhouse product testing with the installation of an climate chamber. Products upto 350x270x370 mm can be tested. Our environmental testing capabilities further include altitude, EMC and ESD testing. Don't hesitate to contact us with your requirements.

29 October 2015

JP Avionics receives AEA ATE award

JP Avionics is very proud to have received the 2014 Avionics Training Execellence Award. This ATE award is issued by the AEA, the Aviation Electronics Association. The award is issued to companies which have a total commitment for the avionics training during 2014. The award was issued to 49 avionics shops worldwide. The only award issued in Europe was issued to JP Avionics. 

08 April 2015

Custom panels with our new CNC Router

Producing custom (front) or instrument panels can be done using our latest CNC addition. A large CNC high speed router which cuts and engraves alumnium. A CNC machined panel is made faster and with higher accuracy then one can fabricate using traditional handtools. Legends can be engraved which ensures long term readability. We can powerder coat the panels and infill the engravings on request. Being able to do this inhouse will save time. 

10 December 2014

JP Avionics relocates design and production

Due to the need of a larger workshop JP Avionics relocates the design and production facilities to Dok 41 in Vlissingen. Dok 41 is an inspiring incubator where different companies strengthen eachother. Work on aircraft is generally carried out withing the facilities of Vliegwerk Holland


01 November 2014

EMC training

EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) measurement and troubleshooting becomes more and more important. We have participated in a two week EMC course to expand our knowledge for EMC in design, testing and troubleshooting. It included hands on training. 

30 October 2014

CNC Mill added to workshop

A CNC mill is the latest addition to our workshop. With a working area of 200 x 200 x 100 mm this mill enables us to machine custom housings out of aluminium, for example for high performance RF applications. Being able to do this kind of machining ourselfs speeds up the design and production fase for small batches. 

09 March 2014

SMD assembly line added to workshop

We have added a completely new SMD (surface mount technology) assembly line to assembly line. This line consist of a solder paste stencil printer, dual head pick and place machine and a reflow oven. Using this new line we can produce our products faster, in small batches which means faster service combined with a better price.

17 May 2013

CNC Lathe added to workshop

We have added a small CNC lathe to our workshop. This lathe will ensure we can speed up our prototypes and keep quality and time control on the small production batches we run. Distance between centers 310 mm, maximum diameter 100 mm. 

01 March 2013

Voltage Warning Light certified

Devolpment of our annunciator line started just 4 months ago. During these months we have completed the design, performed testing, worked our way trough certification process. The low- and high- voltage warning has been certified for single engine piston, metal structure general aviation aircraft under EASA control. Our annunciators are available in 12-14 Volt and 24-28 Volt versions and meet the requirements of UK CAA. 

20 October 2010

Air Data Converter certified

Our Air Data Coverter has received EASA approval for installation in Slingsby T67 Firefly series aircraft. This product was designed on request of Selfly and TTC Seppe. This product has been designed, produced, tested and certified in just over 3 months. The first aircraft is equiped and delivered, within 4 months of the first meeting. The ADC has an altitude range from -1.800 Ft upto 45.000 Ft and a speed range from 0 to 250 Kts.

16 September 2010